Currently Suspended Players

What should the referee do when a player is sent off?

1. For a Send-off or Caution, please record player name, team, player pass number and offense on the gamecard. Also please fill out an incident report on

2. For any send-off, please mail or deliver the completed gamecard, player pass and the referee’s Send-off report to the OSSSL Disciplinary Chairperson AND send a copy of the gamecard to the OSSSL Vice President. The League shall reimburse the referee for these costs, if requested.
The address of the Vice President and Disciplinary Chairperson is on the gamecard.

For a copy of the send off report please follow this link

I don’t agree with the decision what do I do?

Any decision by the Disciplinary Committee may be appealed to the OSSSL Board of Directors. - See Rule 25 Appeals (OSSSL Rules and Regulations) On appeal, the Board may decrease; leave unchanged or increase punishment imposed by the Disciplinary Committee.

All appeals of the Disciplinary Committee's decision shall be heard by at least five members of the Board of Directors. No Board of Directors member who serves on the Disciplinary Committee may vote in an appeal on decisions made by the Disciplinary Committee. Appeals shall be submitted in writing within one week of decision being presented at the Board meeting and submitted directly to the President, Vice President or Secretary of the LEAGUE. A fee of $20.00, shall accompany each appeal, such fee to be returned if the appeal is upheld but retained should the LEAGUE deny the appeal.

We had a red card during my game what do I do?

1) Have your Team Representative notify your City representative that a send-off occurred. Please include the date, time and location of the game, team names, name of the person sent off and the name of the referee.

2) The City representative will notify the Disciplinary Chairperson and Vice-President that a send-off occurred.

3) Person sent-off may contact the Disciplinary Chairperson to request the location, time and date of the Disciplinary Committee meeting and may appear at the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting you may submit an email explaining your side of the story

4) Player sent-off will notify Team representative of the meeting

5) Team representative will notify City representative of the meeting.

It is at the discretion of the Disciplinary Chairperson to provide a courtesy notification of the location, time and date of the hearing to any or all the person sent off, team representative or City representative.

At the meeting you will hear the referee send off report. Committee members ask questions of those present to clarify description of events. All except Disciplinary Committee members are asked to leave the room while final discussion takes place. Using the “Guideline for Penalties” Disciplinary Committee discuss possible penalty, including probation. Committee member makes a Motion for penalty. Discuss Motion. Vote. Disciplinary Committee Chair does not vote. Simple majority carries.

Results of the meeting will be emailed to your team representative and city representative.

A Games-Sat-Out form must be completed and signed by the Team representative and the City representative. The Disciplinary Chairperson will return the player pass to the Team Representative after the Disciplinary Chairperson receives either the original or scanned image of the completed Games-Sat-Out form.

Rainout games and forfeited games do not count as a sit-out.